Neeti Narayana

Neeti Narayana, CPA


Neeti Narayana joined the Berlin Ramos team in 2013. She is an expert in audits, including employee benefit plan audits. With experience working with a wide range of companies, Neeti is adept at understanding a client’s control environment and identifying gaps or areas of improvement.


  • Rutgers, New Brunswick, New Jersey
  • Bachelor of Science, Accounting
  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

Organizational Memberships

  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants

What do you enjoy most about your profession?

I am happiest when I’m able to make a positive impact and add value to my clients’ operations. Audit allows me to gain a deep understanding of my clients’ control environment and identify gaps or areas of improvement. Additionally, my experience working in a variety of companies and industries allows me to extract and share best practices amongst my clients.

Is there anything your personal life has taught you for the benefit of your profession?

I’d say my personal life has taught me how to manage my time, while my daughter has taught me about patience. These attributes positively affect my work because I have become proficient at prioritizing and completing my work tasks in limited time frames, and I’ve learned to stay cool in high-pressure situations.

What is one work moment that made you feel successful?

Since joining Berlin Ramos, I have had the opportunity to participate in and lead Employee Benefit Plan audits. I feel “successful” in this role every time my clients seek out my expertise and ask me their toughest questions. Personally, their confidence in my abilities is evidence that my hard work in learning and staying up-to-date on industry standards has paid off.

How has your work affected you personally?

My experience as an auditor has given me the confidence to make sound financial decisions in my personal life and successfully network with professionals of all levels and backgrounds. This skillset has also allowed me to take a unique perspective on problem solving which people in both my personal and professional networks often appreciate.

What do you like most about Berlin Ramos?

Hands down, the people. They are what attracted me to Berlin Ramos. I have always been impressed with how so many of the Berlin Ramos staff genuinely care for each other and their clients.

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