Mentorship Program

In 2016, Berlin Ramos launched a new mentorship program, with the purpose of fostering professional growth and career development for employees at all levels of the organization.  This program, which is open to all employees, matches more experienced members of the organization in one-on-one relationships with less experienced members.

Mentors meet regularly with their protégés throughout the year, both formally and informally, in order to help them formulate and achieve professional goals in various areas, including leadership skills, business development, client service, utilization of professional strengths, and growth in areas of professional weakness.

The program offers benefits to both mentors and protégés.  Mentors gain leadership experience, the opportunity to share their knowledge and showcase their abilities, as well as the satisfaction that comes from helping their protégés attain new goals and assist the organization retain and develop its future leaders.  Protégés benefit from having access to an experienced mentor who they can go to with questions, concerns and who can provide them with valuable career guidance, encouragement and accountability they need to achieve their professional goals.

Berlin Ramos University

Berlin Ramos University (BRU) was started several years ago by the Firm’s Leadership Team who had the vision to put forth the idea that the professional staff at Berlin Ramos has the talent and capability to enhance the firm’s professional and technical training in-house. With this in mind, BRU’s main objective is to expand the training programs available to all of the firm’s professional staff. BRU provides opportunities for staff members to become skilled instructors, capable of teaching a continuing professional education (CPE) class not only in-house but also outside the walls of Berlin Ramos, and eventually become future leaders of a dynamic and energetic CPA firm.

Building on the talent already available within the firm, a University’s Provost is named and three other individuals volunteer to coordinate the oversight of BR University. A Dean of Student Affairs, a Dean of Faculty, and a Dean of Administration take on the day-to-day operations of the program. They provide a schedule of classes, assign instructors to teach the classes, and provide a system for accumulating the relevant course prospectuses, feedback to the instructors, and a way to monitor everyone’s CPE progress throughout the year.

The benefits of BR University include more efficient ways to assist the staff in staying on top of their continuing educational requirements, target CPE programs that match the firm’s core business elements, and develop the firm’s future leaders from within. This enables the firm to maximize its resources by matching its educational programs more closely with the industries in which we serve.

Instructors can gain in-house designations such as “Professor” or “Assistant Professor” to ultimately increase their stature within the firm and amongst our clients. Clients now view instructors as experts in their field, seek further guidance from these individuals, and refer future clients to the firm because of the training and expertise we now have available.

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